Manfred Van Ursel
CTO, Maker & Photographer
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About me

With over 20 years of experience spanning the technology, media, (e)commerce and offshore/outsourcing sectors, my expertise is grounded in tangible achievements, strategic leadership, original thought process and forward-looking strategies. From the early days in tech startups to leading engineering initiatives for renowned firms — including collaborations with global top-3 Film/TV studios — my career trajectory has been both diverse and rewarding.

As the Chief Technical Officer of GoDigital Media Group, my role is multifaceted and touches almost every part of the business. I lead the engineering and software development teams, focused on delivering internal and customer facing technology solutions for the Business Units within our portfolio, ensuring alignment with our overarching business objectives and strive to provide everyone in the organization with the environment, tools and support they need to succeed and excel.

I'm truly privileged to work with a worldwide team of exceptional and passionate individuals. Together, we create magic every day!

Maker & Educator

There is no greater joy in life than to understand how things work, to use that knowledge to shape the world around you and make your ideas real and come to life with purpose: As art, a toy, a tool, a business, ... As a maker and educator. I work to pass my passion for science and technology on to the next generation and hope it helps them imagine and create the world of tomorrow.

I'm fully insured as teacher and available pro Deo for hands-on STEM workshops in and for Primary- and Highschool teachers and students. Contact me for more information.


My photographic journey has spanned over three decades, marking a lifetime commitment to the art. I proudly pioneered the use of digital techniques in European photography and continue to embrace the latest technologies in my work.

In the realm of my art, My recent "50 Shades of Darkness" series explores the darkness of the human soul, aiming to create images that resonate and evoke a spectrum of emotions. My work is beautiful, elegant, sometimes provocative, and invites profound introspection. The interpretation of my work is deeply personal, a reflection of your unique self, shaped by your experiences, dreams, and desires.

My photography is a collaboration involving at least three participants: the model, myself as the photographer, and you, the observer.

For more information, if wish to purchase my work, or aspire to model in one of my shoots, please feel free to contact me via email at:

I'm not available for commissions.