Manfred Van Ursel
CTO, Maker & Photographer
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About me

I'm a media industry executive, focused on the technology side of the business. Former founder & entrepreneur in tech, architect and lead of engineering projects at global top-3 Film/TV studios with over a decade experience managing on- and offshore engineering teams. As CTO of Godigital Media Group, I'm privileged to work with a worldwide team of exceptional and passionate individuals. Together, we create magic every day!

Maker & Educator

There is no greater joy in life than to understand how things work, to use that knowledge to shape the world around you and make your ideas real and come to life with purpose: As art, a toy, a tool, a business, ... As a maker and educator. I work to pass my passion for science and technology on to the next generation and hope it helps them imagine and create the world of tomorrow.


The challenge I put to myself is to wield the power of photography in favor of the subject, to capture raw light and use the wonders of old and new technology to create a version of a moment that can only ever be experienced through my photographs.

With every shoot, I'm looking to create something out of the ordinary. The concept doesn't have to be original but images everyone has seen a million times before do not inspire.

I photograph people, every person in my photographs has a story to tell and a reason to be in that photograph, condensed into one image.

I'm not available for commissions.